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In zwei in LMFILE-Remote 15.2, MIT-Specific 7.1, System 85.49,
ZMail 44.3, Remote-File 8.0, Local-File 37.1, DAEDALUS 45.2,
microcode 123, Danny's ass, on Lisp Machine Eight:

I have my zwei in this random state where whenever I do
m-. on any function foo, it completes correctly and then
asks ``read "foo" from what file?''  The function in
question is in the current buffer, so I type cr to get
the default.  It then says ``Resectionizing <current
buffer> to find DPL:FOO.''  Then it bombs in a
function-spec-get on (DPL:HEART HEART).  This is called\n from definition-text-location of DPL:HEART, "heart", T,
and NIL.