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Edit Definition of copy-array-portion

    Date: 26 May 1982 19:07-EDT
    From: Mark J. Dulcey <Dulcey at MIT-AI>
	In Experimental Remote-File 10.0, Experimental LMFILE-Remote 17.0,
	Experimental MIT-Specific 9.0, Experimental System 86.7,
	Experimental ZMail 45.0, microcode 123, Saver, on Lisp Machine Seven:
	Edit Definition of copy-array-portion in Zwei causes regular PDL overflow.
	(This doesn't happen with other functions, so I'm not sure it's a Zwei bug.)

    This is apparently another problem with M-. of a DTP-U-ENTRY.  I DO think this
    is a problem -- as it is, you don't know that that's the source of the problem
    unless you inspect the function to find out.  (Not everybody knows what's in
    microcode and what's not!)

The PDL overflow doesn't occur in 210.  While I was checking this out, I
patched DEFINITION-TEXT-LOCATION to barf about microcoded functions in 210.57.