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ODC error

    Date: 17 May 1982 21:23-EDT
    From: David M. Neves <Neves at MIT-MC>
    To: BUG-zwei at MIT-AI

    1.  I tried to do an Dired while in Zwie.  I did <meta> x < dired <
    mc:ice; <  (where "<" stands for carriage return).  I got back the
    following message.

    "file error ODC (severity f), too many directory commands for Mc: ice;* *"

    I tried on another MC directory and got the same error.  MC was up
    however.  What does this mean?
If MC had been down it would have said "host down" or something.

Too many directory commands means you tried to list more than one directory
at the same time.  The ITS file server is only capable of listing one
directory at a time; you probably had aborted out of some error earlier,
which left a file open to a directory.  (fs:close-all-files) might be of
use.  F mode in Peek would show if there was a file open.  If all else
fails, you can do (chaos:reset) to get rid of your file server, then do
the Dired again, which will create a new file server.