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[no subject]

In zwei in Remote-File 7.0, LMFILE-Remote 15.2, MIT-Specific 7.0,
System 85.36, ZMail 44.3, microcode 117, 60.17hz, on Lisp Machine Twenty:

2 errors.

1.  I tried to do an Dired while in Zwie.  I did <meta> x < dired <
mc:ice; <  (where "<" stands for carriage return).  I got back the
following message.

"file error ODC (severity f), too many directory commands for Mc: ice;* *"

I tried on another MC directory and got the same error.  MC was up
however.  What does this mean?

2.  Anyway when the above happened it asked for another directory and I
gave it an AI one (ai:lmdoc;).  This worked.  However when the AI directory came up
it had the wrong name in the herald (i.e. MC:ice; * * instead of
ai:lmdoc;* *)