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C-E in error handler on files with multiple fonts

    Date: 16 May 1982 16:13-EDT
    From: Philippe Brou <PHILIP at MIT-AI>
    In ZWEI in Remote-File 7.0, LMFILE-Remote 15.2, MIT-Specific 7.0,
    System 85.31, ZMail 44.3, microcode 122, (GCed), on Lisp Machine Seven:

    Special Font hacking when reading in files doesn't work when the file is being read in
    due to a ctrl-e in the error handler.

    Symptoms are that the line that the redisplay code uses for trying to do redisplay
    is the unhacked line, instead of the actual line of text in the editor buffer.

    This unhacked line has no pointers to its previous line so that it loses when doing
This is another system 85 ZWEI bug.