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In ZWEI in LMFILE-Remote 15.1, MIT-Specific 7.0, System 85.25,
ZMail 44.3, Experimental Remote-File 8.0, Experimental Local-File 37.0,
microcode 117, 60.45Hz, on Lisp Machine One:

Is it a feature or bug (my vote) that now ZWEI:COM-JUST-ONE-SPACE
doesn't necessarily leave point AFTER the space, but sometimes
leaves it before?  E.g. for "one   /\two", it leaves point the
after, i.e. "one /\two", but for "one/\    two", it leaves it
before, i.e. "one/\ two".  This looks like someone's heuristic
for what I really mean, though it never is for me.  In
particular, when at the end of the line, it seems silly to leave
point before a single Space at the end of that line.

If however this is a feature, never mind me, and I'll whip up my
own that does my-right thing.