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:FORCE-KBD-INPUT and typeout

If I do a FORCE-KBD-INPUT on a window of a :EXECUTE blip which ends up
doing I/O to TERMINAL-IO (either explicitly or because of error output
(I guess ERROR-OUTPUT is probably a TERMINAL-IO syn stream at the time),
the output comes out on the most recently selected ZWEI window, not on
the typeout window of the window I sent the :EXECUTE blip to. It would
be nice if this could be maintained correctly. The thing is that the 
window the :EXECUTE blip is sent to is a deselected pane of a frame
which is selected (the Zwei frame is a pane in a larger frame). So the
guy is going to see the typeout even tho' the pane is de-selected. It
is entirely probable that the ZWEI pane he last selected is buried, so
the typeout is lost. Also, the typeout is relevant to the context of the
pane I sent the :EXECUTE blip to, which is why I want it to come out there
even if another ZWEI window happens to be even selected and active...