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Zmacs buffer history

    Date: Saturday, 8 May 1982, 21:02-EDT
    From: David A. Moon <Moon at SCRC-TENEX>
    Subject: Zmacs buffer history
    To: bug-zwei at SCRC-TENEX    [Please use bug-xyz@ai when the bug happens in 79 etc too.]
    Cc: AGRE at MIT-AI
    *ZMACS-BUFFER-LIST* and *ZMACS-BUFFER-HISTORY* are almost redundant, 
    . . .                           thus making it almost seem like there is only
    one variable rather than two.

    Agre's bug report is that c-m-L with an argument doesn't always do what you
    would expect from the List Buffers listing, because buffers created by

    It might be better to get rid of *ZMACS-BUFFER-HISTORY* and just keep
    *ZMACS-BUFFER-LIST* sorted in order of recency of selection.  However this would
    cause c-- c-m-L to tend to bring back an "obsolete" dired or mail buffer.
    There could be a flag in a buffer which makes it invisible to ROTATE-BUFFER-HISTORY.

Hear hear.  There could also be a ZWEI:LOAD-FILE-INTO-ZMACS argument
(defaulting to whatever) giving the initial setting of this flag.