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Dired, Buffer selection via C-M-L

    Date: Saturday, 8 May 1982, 11:11-EDT
    From: Robert W. Kerns <RWK at SCRC-TENEX>
	Date: 7 May 1982 09:57-EDT
	From: Philip E. Agre <AGRE at MIT-AI>
	In M-X Dired, if you hit "H" on column 1 on line 1 then you get an error
	Function NIL not defined (though C-U H doesn't blow up), 
    Fixed in 210.17.  
Actually, your patch didn't come close.  I can still make dired bomb out
in infinite ways ("E", ".", ",", "C", and "V" all fail or do wierd
things in the header.  "N" bombs out if after the last line of the
buffer.)  The basic problem is that DIRED-LINE-PATHNAME can return NIL,
and few functions in DIRED ever bother to check for that case.  The few
that do often make the assumption that this must be a line in the
header, which isn't right.

I don't have time to fix this.