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Redefining Return and Line

    Date: 6 May 1982 22:01-EDT
    From: Mark J. Dulcey <Dulcey at MIT-AI>
    RMS has suggested another alternative for this.  The idea is to create a
    new ZMACS variable called Indent-New-Line-Function.  Insert New Line would
    call this instead of calling what is on Return (if the variable is bound
    and not NIL, of course).  I suppose to be completely general, you should
    have Indent-New-Line-New-Line-Function and Indent-New-Line-Indent-Function.
    Mode hook functions could, of course, set these.

RMS's suggestion is the right way to do this.  I can recall wishing for this
in EMACS for some reason or other.

(These can be set via M-X Set Variable, as Indent New Line New Line Function, etc.)
If NIL, the definitions on Return and Tab will be used, so people can
continue setting those and win.

This will appear in 211 and later.