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Redefining Return and Line

It has been pointed out to me (by Gumby) that having to load such a small
change from a library is a losing interface.  Furthermore, the present
COMTAB hacking isn't really the right way to do it.  A better thing would
be as follows:

1.  Install an alternative to Indent New Line (called Winning Indent New Line
    or some such thing) which changes it in the way I have described.  (For
    now, at least, this would NOT be the default.  The two commands would be
    maintained next to each other in the source so future changes are made
    properly to both.)

2.  Create a new minor mode which would redefine Return to Winning Indent
    New Line and Line to Insert Crs.  (I haven't thought up a good name for
    this -- any suggestions?)

3.  Now users could get this mode, or not get it, as desired via mode hooks, etc.

If nobody objects, I will do this to ZMACS in the near future.  Any ideas
on this will be gratefully accepted.