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Completion on buffer names should realize that frequently when you want to
go to a buffer you only know the pathname it's named after and you can't
remember what order the pathname elements are put in to make a buffer name.
So if you want to get to buffer SCCODE > AGRE; AI: then anything which
would path-name-complete to the pathname AI:AGRE;SCCODE > should buffer-name
complete to SCCODE > AGRE; AI: (in particular it should know about 
path-name-permissible orders of pathname components, so that asking for
buffer AI: SCCODE > AGRE; should get you buffer SCCODE > AGRE; AI: if that
buffer already existed; I can't think of any situation where you'd want
anything else to happen; in fact, if I tried to do anything else I'd want
a gentle warning because of the likelihood of lossage!).
This isn't so important for Select Buffer as it is for Kill Buffer.  It is
an endless source of pain to me that I can never get my answer to "killing
current buffer, move to which buffer (default USELESS-BUFFER-2)" to come out
to what I intended.   - phIl