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Completion is the common case. It should be easy to get at. Select Buffer
as it is is quite convenient. I do not advocate changing it.

I have found the task assigned to END in most other completers to be not
what I want. END should, in my view, mean end. Nothing more. It should not
try to complete first. Return should probably complete and exit if possible.
Hence, typing FOO<END> to Select Buffer should definitely find buffer FOO 
if it exists or not. FOO<RETURN> should do what it does now. 

In things with completion tables handy (eg, M-.), I would advocate that
Return should again complete and then go. You should type End if you want
to just search for a string literally.

In things like filename completion, it's costly to do foreign system completion
and I don't think Return should try to complete there. But I think still
End should just exit with no completion, and alt should complete.

I would advocate having two prompts above the box. Where currently it says
(Completion) it should say either (Completion) if Return is not going to try
to complete or (AutoCompletion) if Return is going to try to complete.