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Help in Editing Lisp Listener

In ZWEI in Experimental Remote-File 7.0, Experimental LMFILE-Remote 15.0,
Experimental MIT-Specific 7.0, Experimental System 85.10,
Experimental ZMail 44.2, microcode 117, Try me., on Lisp Machine Five:

M-X also loses big in an Editing Lisp Listener.  The Extended Command
minibuffer appears fine, but as soon as you type a character, the process
starts to churn away tremendously, eventually going into Output Hold after
at least 15 seconds.

(P.S.  These Editing Lisp Listener bugs are all low priority for me.
I am trying out the fool things because I am going through Operating the
Lisp Machine looking for things to revise, not because I use them.)