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Redefining Return as Line

In ZWEI in Experimental Remote-File 7.0, Experimental LMFILE-Remote 15.0,
Experimental MIT-Specific 7.0, Experimental System 85.3,
Experimental ZMail 44.1, microcode 117, Try Me (GCed), on Lisp Machine Fifteen:

The following appears in my Lispm Init file.  The idea is to interchange
the functions of the Return and Line keys.

    '(#\Control-// zwei:com-evaluate-defun

	{other key assignments}

      #\Return zwei:com-indent-new-line
      #\Line zwei:com-insert-crs)))

The problem is that every time I hit Return, I get stack-overflow
errors in my Zmacs!  Why does this lose?

(The other key assignments win.  Also, Return and Line seem to be
getting the correct commands assigned -- Help-C produces the appropriate

I just thought of a possible answer.  When I type Return, it invokes
zwei:com-indent-new-line.  This in turn produces a new Return character --
which invokes zwei:com-indent-new-line!  Can anybody think of a way around