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In zwei in System 79.40, ZMail 40.7, Remote-File 2.0, LMFILE-Remote 5.3,
microcode 849, on Lisp Machine Eight:

Do (M-X Lisp Mode then) M-X Fill Long Comment at the start of this stuff 
and nothing will happen.  The effect goes away if there is a <cr> at the end of it.

;;; Flow constraint representation.  For every ordered pair of boxes in a given
;;; block, there is a symbol which is the link between those two boxes.  The
;;; link symbol is ambiguous as to whether it is an order link (meaning "box1
;;; must be executed before box2") or a cover link (meaning that the link is in
;;; the cover of the order, where for a given order the cover is the set of
;;; (x,y) st x<y and z st x<z<y).  Rather, which it is depends on how it is
;;; used.  Different contexts (i.e., nodes in the search space) would have
;;; different orders and covers, and so the orders and covers are represented on
;;; the context names' property lists.  Their are two context trees, that for
;;; the mapper's search and that for the coder's search, but they are continuous
;;; in that the parent of a coder's tree's root is the mapper's tree's node (i.e., the name of the mapper context) which
;;; made the call to the coder.