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In zwei in System 79.35, ZMail 40.7, LMFILE-Remote 5.3,
Experimental Remote-File 3.0, Experimental Local-File 35.1,
microcode 849, CStacy spacial, on Lisp Machine Six:

Do C-X C-F on dir;name > for some nonexistent file so as to get a new buffer
with (new file) for dir;name >.  Type some text at it and then do C-X C-W
dir;name nonnum for some non-numeric fn2.  Then type some more text at the
buffer and do C-X C-F dir;name >.  It will read dir;name nonnum from disk and
give you a second buffer for the same file with the old text.  This is just
asking for lossage.  I don't know what the right behavior is here but this
clearly isn't it.