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Oops, more on <Line> mode

The right fix may be just to flush <line> mode, as you mentioned earlier
you might do, but in case you don't, I guess you should know about the
following behavior...

Go into the middle of a buffer you don't love much which has text on each
lines. Type a char ("A" will do) at the beginning of some line. Now type
Rubout. Note that you get a Control-K instead. Further note that if you
type Rubout you get another Control-K. This is especially annoying because
if you Control-Y the text back in, you'll find it's been assuming you were
doing a backward-style kill and all the lines you yanked back will be in
the reverse order... This behavior is part of what garbaged my buffer last
night as I was moving around being confused, but I left it out of my original
bug report because I could not reproduce the behavior and figured I was
just confused. Apparently I wasn't.