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[no subject]

	Fill Long Comment seems to consistently lose on the last
	two lines.
    I did fill long comment on the text of your message in lisp mode and it worked correctly.
    If that also works for you, could you send me the actual part of the buffer where it fails.
    If not, perhaps someone there already incorporated the fix into the MIT sources?

Hmm, must be more subtle than I thought.  However, if you NOW do c-7 c-2 c-X f m-X F. L. C.
with point on the line JUST BEFORE this comment, you SHOULD see the lossage.

;;; The Urdu naming context gets around the
;;; problem that there may be more than one
;;; instance of a plan if it is called from more
;;; than one place.  These instances are
;;; distinguished by concatenating segment names
;;; with those of the superior lambda-exp seg.