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    Date: 6 April 1982 00:50-EST
    From: Kent M. Pitman <KMP at MIT-MC>
    I think synchronously interrupting the process would be acceptable, too.
    The other process would, I think, be happy if it could pass ZWEI a function
    to be run in the ZWEI stack group. Is there a well-defined way to do this?
    Is it documented?
You can put in a blip whose CAR is :EXECUTE and whose CDR is a function
and arguments for the most general escape.

    How much of all this is prone to change? Extending and interacting with
    the editor as I am trying to do is something I have seen like zero 
    documentation on. Is some planned at some point soon? When I hack anything
    related to Zwei, I have the impression it could break any time. It'd be
    nice to have some idea of what is stable, what is encouraged for use, etc.
There is indeed no documentation yet on the internals of the editor.
At present i could only say that stability of the internals is only based
on how much else in the editor itself depends on it.

Sectionization in particular is likely to get completely rewritten in the
near future.