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Interned pathnames propagating bad information (old subject!)

    Date: Tuesday, 23 March 1982  15:23-EST
    From: MOON at SCRC-TENEX
    Renaming Set Package to Set Buffer Package and making a new Set Package
    command that updates the -*- line would be all right with me.  I assume
    there would also be Set Base, Set Mode, and maybe Set Lowercase.  Since
    the command would be changed grossly incompatibly (modifying the buffer)
    it might be wise to call the new command Set File Package and make
    Set Package nonexistent.
I dunno.  There is an argument of the form "why don't we just fix the thing to
do what people expect", which militates in favor of fixing the command whose name
implies the obvious thing, i.e., Set Package, to do so, i.e., modify the buffer.
The counter-argument to incompatibility is that fewer people will be scrod per day by
the new incompatibility than by the old poor behavior.

I think your needed command is more of a pkg-goto than a Set Package, and perhaps
Go to Package is the right nomenclature.