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Typeing RETURN to Add Patch

    Date: 23 March 1982 19:08-EST
    From: David Chapman <Zvona at MIT-AI>
    In zwei in System 79.34, ZMail 40.7, Remote-File 2.0, LMFILE-Remote 5.3,
    Tester 20.6, Reasoning Utility Package 1.0,
    Experimental Plan Calculus 1.0, microcode 849, 60.45Hz, on Lisp Machine Twenty-two:

    typing return at the prompt System to patch: beeps and returns.
    It should not allow you to get out without aborting.

It only does this when the buffer you're patching from isn't associated with
a file that is part of any loaded system, since otherwise it knows what system
you want.

In any event, I don't think that I agree (at the moment anyway) that it
shouldn't do what it does.  I don't think it's good policy to have modes
which demand a response and won't let you go; such things can be terribly
confusing for new users of a feature.