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Load File

    Date: Sunday, 21 March 1982  22:09-EST
    From: HIC at SCRC-TENEX
	Date: Sunday, 21 March 1982, 20:49-EST
	From: David L. Andre <DLA>
	    Date: Sunday, 21 March 1982, 02:40-EST
	    From: Howard I. Cannon <HIC at SCRC-TENEX>
	    I'd like to see a "Load File" command to go along with "Compile File"

	Well, before I send a message saying that it took less time to add it to
	the source than to delete this message, let me bring up relevant
	points:  Why does the file in M-X Compile File have to be in an editor
	buffer?  Should M-X Load File offer to save and/or compile the file?
	Should it too have the restriction that the file be loaded into an
	editor buffer?
    Make it the same as Compile Buffer.  If it wasn't in a buffer, I'm not
    sure why I'd want to use an editor command.  Yes, it should offer to save
    the file first I guess.  I'm not sure about compiling -- probably not.
I guess one reason for it to take a buffer is because buffer completion
is faster and less dense than filename completion.  Despite this, I
think M-X Compile File should compile a file, not the file of a buffer,
and M-X Load File should also take a file, not a buffer.  When I've
wanted Load File and Compile File, it's been either because I happened
to be in the editor when I wanted to do it, or because I wanted filename
completion etc.