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      turnip at MIT-AI
Subject: Interned pathnames propagating bad information

    Date: Sunday, 21 March 1982, 12:12-EST
    From: Daniel L. Weinreb <dlw at SCRC-TENEX>
    Subject: Interned pathnames propagating bad information
    To: RWK at SCRC-TENEX, turnip at MIT-AI

    I agree that Zwei should assume that any file without an explicit
    Package property in its -*- line is in the User package.  I have seen
    people bitten by this several times.  Perhaps the right way to do this
    is to have the file-property-list parser always put in a Package
    property, defaulting to User if there isn't actually any Package
    property in the line, rather than putting the change into Zwei itself.

    And Set Package should certainly change the file plist as well as the
    editor's idea.  I'd even like to see it change the -*- line in the
    buffer.  It is a real pain having this information around in many
    different places and forms and having to copy it from one to the other,
    since it can become inconsistent so easily.
If it changed the -*- line I would have been shafted about 3 times a day
by it during the past several weeks.  I don't think it should ever change
anything about the file either; you only want that behavior because of
the bug now that Zwei's assumption of a package when none is specified
gets speciously associated with the file and then you need to undo that
specious package property.