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    Date: Wednesday, 10 March 1982  16:52-EST
    From: MMCM at SCRC-TENEX
	Date: Wednesday, 10 March 1982, 02:48-EST
	From: W. E. (Todd) Matson <Matson at SCRC-POINTER>
	The "Copy File" command fails when copying a file to the LOCAL: host.
	It dies trying to change the creation date of the file.
    The problem is really in the local file system.  Probably the correct fix
    is to have a default method for change-properties on si:file-stream-mixin
    which passes it on to the pathname.
This won't work if the pathname is :NEWEST, as well as some other
obscure cases.  :CHANGE-PROPERTIES should be made to be a required method.