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    Date: Friday, 5 March 1982, 10:18-EST
    From: Jan Walker <JWALKER at SCRC-TENEX>
	   Where's "fs bothcase"?
	Gee, where'd you pick that one from?  It's a TECO "FS flag".  It controls whether
	searches are case-sensitive or not.  Has this anachronism made it into ZWEI?
    Come on.  Of course I know it's a teco flag.  I was taking a short cut
    by using the quotes.  What I should have said was "Where's the ZWEI
    analog of fs bothcase?  I need case-sensitive searches."  Sorry.  But I
    guess I have my answer: "There isn't any".  Right?

Sorry, I seem to have misunderstood.  I can't keep track of who does and
doesn't know TECO.  It seemed perfectly plausible that you ran across
"FS Bothcase" in some documentation or help text, and were complaining
about seeing that.  In fact, I have memories of seeing something like
that somewhere myself.  So I mis-parsed "where's" into "what's".

So this time to answer the question you really asked: If there is one, I
can't find it either.