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Per-file Shift Lock Mode

    Date: 3 March 1982 19:58-EST
    From: Ken Haase <KWH at MIT-AI>

    Is their a way to set Electric Shift Lock Mode in the mode line?  I know
    would like it to be on a per-file basis; If it is implemented, Update
    Mode Line doesn't do the right thing, and if it is not, how hard would
    it be to put in?  It seems inconsistent that Font Lock Mode is on a
    per-file basis while Shift Lock Mode isn't.

Do you know about the Lowercase property?  If a file has this
property, then E-S-L-IF-APPROPRIATE won't put it Electric Shift Lock
mode (Blue manual, page 370).

Second, if this is not what you want, you can define your own file
properties; see the blue manual, page 371.