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    Date: 26 February 1982 10:33-EST
    From: Charles Rich <RICH at MIT-AI>
    I type End to send the message and get an error break because the host
    (e.g. AI) is down.  I C-Z out of the error handler, get back to the Mail
    buffer and Abort out of it (planning to Continue later).  When I return
    to the toplevel of Zmail and try to do anything with the keyboard or use
    the mouse to Continue the Who-line says "LOCK".  If I M-C-Abort out of
    this state, I get the error handler again telling me I am trying to
    unlock a process that I didn't lock.  I use Peek to look at the
    situation and it seems it is the Zmail-Background-process which is
    locked.  It looks to me like there is perhaps a missing unwind-protect
    somewhere to clear a lock.  This state is very hard to get out of.
    All I can do is warm-boot, which still leaves Zmail sort of confused.
I suspect that the background process is in the error handler.  You probably
got a notification about that.  You have to get it out of there before the
two processes can synchronize.