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Rumor about buffers as streams

    Date: 20 February 1982 03:18-EST
    From: Richard M. Stallman <RMS at MIT-AI>
    To: BUG-ZWEI at MIT-AI

    I hear a rumor that buffers in ZWEI will become streams as well.
    If this is true, I hope that this will not mean that the ability to
    make multiple streams which work on the same buffer
    with different pointers will be lost.

I am at the root of that rumor.  Let me set your mind at ease.  I did
have that idea at one time, just as random musings, not as a proposal
for change.  Actually, windows were more in line with what I was
thinking, with insertion at point, but I think it's more apropriate for
a more general interface to take a buffer or window and specify what you
want to use for the point to insert or read from.  In any event, it
would never occur to me to disallow the existing ways of making a stream
into a buffer.