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In system 79.13 on CADR-1, I set SUPDUP:JOURNAL-STREAM to an
editor buffer stream and supduped to MC and ran EMACS there.
I did a considerable amount of editing, the idea being to take
statistics on the effectiveness of local editing.
Eventually I got an error from MOVE-BP, because LINE was empty
and index was 2.  This was from INSERT (or something similar)
called from the TYO method of the interval stream.
At this point, I went to the editor and it got more errors,
including calling CREATE-LINE with a length of -2.  I returned
a line created by calling CREATE-LINE with length 0, and it seemed
to recover.

I then wrote the buffer out into RMS;MC: LEPREC HAUN.
Insertion was occurring at the very end of the buffer.
I believe I added a CRLF at the end before writing it out,
and deleted a pair of null characters that were at the end of
the long final line.

Ah, the error in CREATE-LINE happened when I typed a Return to
add that CRLF.  I did this because I hoped that getting to a fresh line
would clear up the lossage in ZWEI.