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[RpK: Getting ASCII control characters]

Date: 18 February 1982 17:00-EST
From: Robert P. Krajewski <RpK at MIT-AI>
Subject: Getting ASCII control characters
To: Moon at SCRC-TENEX
cc: MT at MIT-AI

How about adding another quantity operation to Various Quantities
(Control-Q) for inserting ASCII `control' characters (invoked with C-Q
A) ?  The operation would try to insert the appropriate character,
ignoring any bucky bits the user types in (because Lisp Machine bucky
bits have nothing to do with ASCII anyway).

Keystrokes       Character inserted
C-Q A C			
C-Q A C-M-S-C		
C-Q A C-A		
C-Q A Line		
C-Q A Space		
C-Q A ?			

Not only would this help editing TECO files, but also things like R.

I guess this wouldn't be a disaster -- Moon