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In ZWEI in Experimental System 202.25, ZMail 40.7, Experimental Tape 7.0,
Experimental LMFS 22.14, Experimental Symbolics 9.3,
Experimental Canon 10.3, microcode 858, on Retriever:

I typed ^X ^F AI:HES;FILTER <esc> to see with what it would complete.
Instead it went into Output Hold so I typed <terminal> <hold-output>.
It was asking me for my ITS uname in the same area of the screen as my
filename was being completed.  Having given it my ITS uname, it went
into the NIL state.  Typine <system> E seemed to wake it up, but it
didn't redisplay my filename or give me a cursor.  This seems like a bug
to me.