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Bizzarre bug...

In ZWEI in Experimental System 202.25, ZMail 40.7, Experimental Tape 7.0,
Experimental LMFS 22.14, Experimental Symbolics 9.3,
Experimental Canon 10.3, microcode 858, on Retriever:

I was mailing a letter, and hit END.  Then, due to machine slowness and
general brain-damage on my part, I decided that I must have typed one
END too few, and that as long as it wasn't sent, I would make another
change to the header.

   The message finished being sent, I was returned to the top level
configuration.  Then, the mail-header window that I had selected
appeared on top of the top-level list-of-headers pane.  At this point, I
could perform any operation in the lower panes, but could not use the
top pane since it was covered.  I could not select it either.

Finally fixed things by going into mail mode.  That caused the header
window to update itself (remove the subject), and allowed me to abort
back into normalcy.

(Some of my defaults which may pertain to this are not precisely
standard.  I don't think any of them could have all that much
relationship, but please get back to me if the bug is otherwise

				- David