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In System 78.57, ZMail 38.5, Local-File 32.14, Experimental DAEDALUS 29.9, microcode 843, on Lisp Machine Two:

Trying to do M-X View Directory on a LM: directory (well, LM2:AGRE; anyway)
gets an error [time Process ZMACS-WINDOWS got an error].  C-X D works, though.

Also, why is it that it is not possible to call, for example, the Reverse
Following List command by doing M-X Reverse Following List?  It says "not
on any key", which seems reasonable enough, but why should there be a command
that you can't call?  (Except by resetting the command table or similar hair,
that is.)  (I can think of one answer, that it makes the command completion
space too dense to be able to call the whole world, but this is really a dumb
answer, and besides, command completion refuses to complete Reverse with