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In ZWEI in Experimental System 202.8, Experimental ZMail 40.2,
Experimental Tape 7.0, Experimental LMFS 22.2,
Experimental Symbolics 9.0, Experimental Canon 10.0, microcode 854, on Beagle:

I would like Control-Hyper-D more if it were analogous to Control-Hyper-A;
that is, I'd like it to assume that the function you are in is the function
you want to know about, instead of prompting you and presenting it
as the default.  It seems clear that they should both work the same way,
and I think the c-h-A way is more useful than the c-h-D way in general.
There should be a long-named form for when you want to really specify the
name, or maybe a numeric argument should make it ask, or something.
In any case, they should be the same.