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In ZWEI in Experimental System 202.7, Experimental ZMail 40.2,
Experimental Tape 7.0, Experimental LMFS 22.1,
Experimental Symbolics 9.0, Experimental Canon 10.0, microcode 855, on Spaniel:

The following sequence will get you to the error handler in zwei.

Do m-x List Files.  This puts a mouse sensitive list of files on the screen.

Do m-x "anything", but don't type return

With the mini-buffer still selected, click on one of the displayed
file-names, Zwei will do a "find file" on it.  When the file finally
gets loaded, zwei dies trying to "make-buffer-current".  The problem is
that *interval* is not bound to a buffer and "make-buffer-current" dies
trying to store *mode-list* into it.