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Kill or Save Buffers

    Date: Monday, 25 January 1982, 13:49-EST
    From: Mike McMahon <MMcM at SCRC-TENEX>

    Have you tried Kill or Save Buffers from the editor menu?
    Date: Monday, 25 January 1982, 09:10-EST
    From: David Chapman <Zvona at MIT-AI>

    you probably want Kill or Save Buffers.
    Date: Monday, 25 January 1982  03:38-EST
    From: MOON at SCRC-TENEX

    Use Kill or Save Buffers in the editor menu; it's by far the
    most winning way to save a lot of buffers.
This is useful, yes. It's what I am now using.

However, some things make sense as mouse-only things (eg, move-window)
and some things do not. When mice get flakey -- and they do -- it is hard
to be so happy about all the functionality that is tied up in mouseydom.
For any given good piece of mouse functionality that doesn't require the 
mouse, there should be a function you can call that gets you the equivalent
functionality off of the normal keyboard. In this case, I think that something
which does all the querying first a la Y-OR-N-P and then saves files is still
important and should be added at some point.