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C-M-F in comment fields...

I find it very disconcerting that if the cursor is at the <> below:

   ;; <> (DEFUN F (X)
   ;;      (+ X 1))

   (DEFUN G (X) (- X 1))

that C-M-F takes me across the G definition. I would rather that you do
something like (ZWEI:BARF "Parens unbalanced on this comment line"), or
if you're really ambitious, look for matching parens in the comment area.
I assume your tokenizing thing makes that hard so I won't ask for that. But
I can say for sure that if I'm in front of a paren in a comment and do C-M-F
there is no time when I have ever meant that to mean get out of the comment 
then do C-M-F. If the cursor were before the ;;'s, going across the (DEFUN G...)
is fine, of course.