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Electric Shift Lock Mode in Lisp Mode

    Date: 26 January 1982 21:13-EST
    From: Daniel Brotsky <dcb at MIT-AI>
    In ZWEI in System 78.51, ZMail 38.5, microcode 848, 60Hz, on Lisp Machine Four:
    In the editor in Lisp Electric Shift Lock Mode: in the middle of a string which
    extends over several lines (it documents a function), if the current line
    starts with an open paren `(' then Zwei inverts the sense of the shift lock;
    that is, things typed inside the string are capitalized and outside they are
    lower case.  This is "fixed" by moving the open paren off the beginning of the
If you have a ( in column zero of a string, you must slashify it.  This efficiency
hack in the editor is not likely to ever get fixed.