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c-m-E not working when it should

In zwei in System 78.58, ZMail 38.5, Symbolics 8.13, Tape 6.5, LMFS
21.39, Canon 9.12, microcode 841, on Terrier:

If the cursor is on the first character of a function definition (i.e.
an open parenthesis in column 1), and the previous function definition
has unbalanced parentheses (typically because it is half-written),
then the c-m-E command does not work (feeps).  This is because c-m-A
would go to the beginning of the previous definition, rather than
leaving the cursor where it is.

Emacs has the same bug, but I don't think that makes it less of a bug.
Probably rather than doing what c-m-A would, c-m-E should only move
backwards over comments and blank lines looking for another line with
a parenthesis in the first column.