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    Date: Tuesday, 19 January 1982, 18:35-EST
    From:  <Moon at SCRC-POINTER>
    In zwei in System 78.51, ZMail 38.5, Symbolics 8.13, Tape 6.5, LMFS
    21.36, Canon 9.11, microcode 841, on Terrier:
    The symbol I was meta-.'ing had acquired a ZMACS-BUFFERS property, however the
    buffer was not in the known buffers since it had never finished reading in.
    the BUFFER-PATHNAME).  This works on every file system but the Symbolics one,
    which refuses to parse its string-for-editor as a valid pathname, which is
    why it wasn't ever noticed before.  I'm not sure whether to call this a bug
    in definition-text-location for using the wrong form of the filename, or a bug
    in lmfs because there might be reasons that it needed to use that form of
    the filename.
I made it use the BUFFER-PATHNAME when it can.