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In zwei in System 78.40, ZMail 38.5, Local-File 32.4, Experimental DAEDALUS 29.1, microcode 843, Daed 29.1, on Lisp Machine Two:

Perhaps my peripheral vision is unusually sensitive, but I am driven to distraction
by the mouse flashing away in some far corner of the screen every time I type a
character.  I have been told why this happens, something about avoiding funny overtypings
or having the mouse get in the way of something.  But so far as I can see, there is
no reason why the mouse should flash if it is 10 character-spaces and 10 lines away\n from the cursor and all that is happening is the typing of self-entering characters.
Can't the mouse be a little, no, a lot smarter about when it flashes?  Yes I know I
can put the mouse on the bottom of the screen, but that seems like an unnecessary
inconvenience.    - phIl