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Blinking character mouse is pointing at

    MOON@MIT-MC 09/13/80 22:16:53 Re: Blinking character mouse is pointing at
    I would like to propose that the visual indication of what the mouse
    is pointing at be made more standard; currently it can be inverse video,
    blinking, or a box around it.  The latter seems the most winning.
    Probably it would be easy to try changing the editor to put a box
    around the character the mouse is pointing at, or the whole line
    it is pointing at if it is pointing well off the end of a line.
    We can see whether or not this looks obnoxious.
If you load the latest stuff, or NZWEI;BOXTST then SETQ'ing *MOUSE-BLINKER*
to either *MOUSE-CHAR-BLINKER* or *MOUSE-BOX-BLINKER* will give the two
behaviours.  I find the box much more obtrusive.