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Edit Definition

    MOON@MIT-MC 09/17/80 15:05:03 Re: Edit Definition
    To: DLW at MIT-AI
    CC: (BUG ZWEI) at MIT-MC
    It's on meta-.  Most commands that are on keys are not in m-X
    (only c-m-X to avoid cluttering the namespace for completion).
I suppose.

By the way, it is also on the menu that single-click-right gets you,
but the Apropos command does not tell you that it can be found there.
Apropos should have a path by which it can know about menus...

    Has c-altmode stopped working for exiting the E command in Dired?

I don't know about "stopped", but it doesn't work now.  It is undefined.
E appears to do a FIND-FILE.  c-x B gets you back to Dired.  If you then
quit out of dired, the dired buffer goes away, and so the most recent
buffer is chosen, namely the one used for the Examine, which is left
lying around.  That is the current behavior in system 40.1; I don't
know what the right thing is, exactly; somebody else should express
preferences.  I do think that getting away from recursive control
R mode is a good thing, since being pushed on a stack like that restricts
what things you can switch to; that Cant Hack Buffers message of
Emacs's is really obnoxious.