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In the version of ZWEI on system 40.1, with microcode 684, on LISP Machine Seven:
As long as I am complaining about Edit Compiler Warnings:

The label on my warnings window said ZMACS-WINDOW-PANE-4 or something;
a more mnemonic name would be nice.

It would be nice if after the last of the warnings came out,
a :FRESH-LINE operation were done on the stream.  The compiler now
leaves the cursor hanging at the end of a line (the line with
the functions that have been referenced but not defined).

The fact that it defaults to your current buffer but does NOT
write out the changes in the current buffer is going to be
seriously confusing for many people.  Dave has some idea about doing
what the Interlisp file package does for you, which you should
discuss with him, and that should probably supersede the current
user interface for compiling files.