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    Date: 15 SEP 1980 2129-EDT
    From: Moon at MIT-AI (David A. Moon)
    In the following text
	    (DEFUN TEST (X)
	      (COND ((FROB X))
		    (T 24.)))
    put the cursor after the word COND and type c-m-&.  It should generate an OR,
    but actually it generates an IF which does not implement the same functionality
    as the COND.
That case was easy to fix because of the way it happens to be written,
however the converse it hard.  The command in general does not
understand evaluation for value rather than effect.  I.e. (or foo bar)
turns into (cond ((not foo) bar)).  There would need to be a way for the
user to specify that the other behaviour was desired.