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Featurama Zwei

In the version of zwei on system 37.0, with microcode 684, on LISP Machine Six:

In incremental search and incremental mode of string search, scrolling with the
mouse does not work while search is waiting for a character.  It would be quite
nice if this did work since you could shift the screen up and down to see the
context better.  I guess this requires adding a routine which :ANY-TYI's then
processes some but not all of the special commands.  Probably almost everything
other than the :EDIT method that :TYI's now should call that routine.  But I don't
want to make any sweeping gratuitous changes like this myself.

Is there any way that routine can do the deferred echoing for things like string
searching?  There is still a bug where completely typing ahead an incremental-mode
command to COM-STRING-SEARCH will search then wait for the next input without
displaying anything.  Probably the only way to avoid an endless succession of such
bugs is to have a more formal procedure for handling such things.