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    Date: Wed ,6 Aug 80 16:14:00 EDT
    From: Mike McMahon <MMcM at MIT-AI>
        Date:  6 AUG 1980 0132-EDT
        From: Moon at MIT-AI (David A. Moon)
        Going into 2-window mode, doing a m-x Occur in one window, then switching to the
        other window while leaving the m-x Occur typeout up on the first window does
        nasty things.  For one thing if the Occur typeout hits a **more**,
        selecting the other window with the mouse redisplays the window with the occur
        instead of leaving the typeout there.  Switching windows with c-x O on the other
        hand mostly leaves the typeout there but clobbers the top line.
    The problem here is that anything typed or moused causes the more break to be exited,
    which causes an end-page exception.
I fixed this in the source, the problem was in the system MORE handler.
While I was at it I made the editor's MORE handler say "**FLUSHED**" if you flush.
Most flushing immediately redisplays over this, but if the next command is to switch
windows as in the above scenario saying that may be useful.