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In the version of zwei on system 36.0, with microcode 682, on LISP Machine Nine:

Going into the scroll bar when there is typeout covering the display causes
a blinking character to appear that it thinks the mouse is pointing at.  Coming
back out of the scroll bar gets rid of it.  That'd odd; if the scroll bar affected
it at all I would expect that going into the scroll bar would turn that blinker off.

In 2-window mode, when one window is full of the typeout from m-x Occur and the
other is selected, clicking the mouse in the margin of the typeout (where there are
no mouse sensitive items) causes the blinker for that window to start blinking, however
editor commands still affect the other window.  I had the same buffer selected
in both windows, but the editor commands were moving the other window's point.
^XO fixes this.