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    Date:  6 AUG 1980 0914-EDT
    From: DHD at MIT-AI (David Hodgson Dennis)
    If you have an incorrect modes list on the first line of your file and try to
    read it in, an error is caused, and the file does not get read in.  (I would not
    object to it getting an error, but it @i[should] be able to read in the file!
    Probably the modes should be initialized to the default then, discarding all
    mode list information).
In what way incorrect?  What was the error? It ERRSET's the parsing of that line.
    Also -- is there any way I can make i completely equivilant to tab (i.e. have tab's
    rebindings affect i's as well)? -dhd.
Yes, (SET-COMTAB comtab '(#/I (0 #\TAB))).  i already automatically indirects to I.